Zoom discipleship is a gathering for us to stay in community with one another. Groups meet weekly for 6-8 weeks to have biblical based discussions on multiple topics. Starting the week of April 19-June 8. Join us in our next session. Here are the groups we have available this session:

The Settled Soul (A Bible Study for Women):

Mondays at 6:30pm

This world…what a chaotic place to live! It seems like every year—even every day

things get more complex and unsettling.

If you’ve ever thought, This is all too much, and I am not enough, you’re not alone.

We will explore, not formulas, but rich truths and simple practices leading to the only safe, restful place for our world-weary hearts. We will take a deep dive into John 15:1-17 and experience what it means to tenaciously abide with Jesus.

Suffering and the Silence of God:

Mondays at 6:30pm

If you've ever read the book of Job, chances are, because of the difficulty of reading Job, the story presented in Job left you unsure of its message and purpose. When we read Job, it's easy to come away with the theme of Job being "Why do bad things happen to good people?" But further study of Job reveals a much deeper reality, navigating God's silence in pain. Job wants answers his friends cannot give him. 

As we study through Job in this Spring Session, we will navigate the entirety of the book of Job, as we navigate and wrestle with this truth and obtain a clear picture of the depth of pain Job is wrestling through and the deep theological questions put forward by all Job's friends and finally how it relates to and impacts us today.

Financial Peace University:

Tuesdays at 7pm

Some of our most stressful times in our lives can come from financial stress. In this Dave Ramsey curriculum you will learn how to handle finances God's way. From budgeting, giving, getting out of debt, and investing for the future we cover it all!

Raising and Reaching Gen Z:

Mondays at 6:30pm

When the phrase Gen Z is presented, what goes through your mind? Does it feel as confusing as the name suggests? Many understand that the biblical responsibility is to raise children in "the way they should go", but what does that look like in a digitally driven world? How do we intentionally and strategically raise, reach, and care for this Generation of young people? 

The goal of this group will be to have honest and deep dialogues about the realities Gen Z face, practical tools that can be leveraged to help with the aim to raise a strong, capable and healthy Gen Z individuals. We will be using the Book Growing With by Kara Powell & Steven Argue, as well as Barna Data and Research along with key contributors and voices in leading people today.

This group is specific to, but not limited to, those involved in raising and reaching Junior High, High School and College Aged individuals.